Call for Submissions #2

Shakespeare Doesn't Exist

Hello again.

We want more spoken word pieces from you.

When we say ‘spoken word pieces’ we want anything that involves you speaking words; it’s only limited by what your mind can come up with and a time constraint: a maximum of five minutes in length. We’re interested in any style of writing, we want to show off the range of spoken word. These will be set to an ambient soundtrack, so we ask that the recordings are vocals only.

Recordings can be sent to lies.dreamingpodcast at gmail dot com by the 30th of December.

The theme for the second podcast is Shakespeare Doesn’t Exist.

Please interpret this in any way you like.

All submissions will receive a response within 10 days of the deadline passing.

We look forward to seeing what you come up with!



Podcast #1 – Tim Henman

We are delighted to launch our first podcast on the theme of Tim Henman. You can stream it now via Soundcloud.

And you can also subscribe to this podcast via iTunes.

Here, in the order in which they appear on the podcast, is a rundown of our contributors:

Kevin Cadwallender lives in Edinburgh. He works as a Commissioning Editor for Red Squirrel Press. He was runner up in the BBC Slam at the Edinburgh Fringe and was Scottish National Slam Champion in 2012. He presented and organised the BBC Slam in 2014. Nominated for a Raymond Williams Community Publishing Award for his book ‘Voyages’ and shortlisted for a Sony Radio Award for the radio version of this broadcast on BBC Radio 4. He runs Tenred a poetry/prose/music night in Edinburgh.

Stephen Barnaby was raised by stoats and taught to communicate entirely through fifty snuffly, grunty noises, which he has successfully and randomly rearranged into two pamphlets, Self Loathing Ostrich Tragedy and It was Happy Hour at the Nutty Nun. He has worked hard at expanding his repertoire, culminating in last year’s naked appearances in the videos for ‘Wrecking Ball’ and ‘Blurred Lines.’ He insists, though, that he is emphatically not the plaything of an industry hell-bent on sexually objectifying bespectacled grey-haired men in their mid-forties. He can be contacted by leaving breadcrumbs in woodland clearings and hiding behind a tree.

Rachel Tonks Hill is an eldritch abomination from deep within the Stygian abyss known as “Yorkshire”. She craves sleep, tea and the souls of the damned. She can usually be found either in bed or over on Twitter crying about the faces of fictional people.

Roy Moller is a poet and songwriter whose one man show about Lou Reed, My Week Beats Your Year, has played at the Edinburgh Fringe and the Glasgow CCA. His debut poetry collection, Imports, was published by Appletree Writers’ Press in December, 2014. His poems have appeared in the likes of And Other Poems, Ink, Sweat & Tears, Paper & Ink, Dactyl and Nutshells & Nuggets. Born in Edinburgh and brought up in Leith, Roy now lives in Dunbar, on the eastern seaboard of Scotland.

Stef Mo is the performing poetry version of writer Stefan Mohamed, like when you get Batman action figures in special situation-specific armour, like Underwater Ambush Batman or Parisian Subterfuge Batman. Except with words. He saws bits off poetry, hip-hop and stand-up comedy and glues them back together to make ungainly hybrids fuelled by an unstable cocktail of whimsy and rage. He has been described as “a genuine Camus-Beat Shatner” and “not suitable for a family audience”. His first novel, Bitter Sixteen, was published in 2015 by Salt Publishing.

Os Wright originates from the swamplands of North Cambridgeshire, but currently lives in Glasgow. He is writing periodically to stave off the boredom of existence, so keep an eye out.

Charles Adrian is an actor, writer and podcaster living in London. His book podcast Page One ( might be the best way to sample all of the books you will never have time to read while Muselings ( is a series of spoken solipsisms that take you ever deeper into Charles Adrian’s soul. Warning: you might not like what you find there. More info at

Ali George is an Edinburgh based writer who mostly writes stories for children. You can find her work in Dactyl, Beyond the Horizon (from Bamboccioni Books) and all over the internet. She blogs at

Ian Richardson has been reading books and comics for years. Eventually, inevitably, he started writing. The first short story he ever wrote won a competition but he’s not been able to maintain that 100% success rate. He has had a few other pieces published recently and was overall winner of the 2015 Scottish Borders Waverley Lines poetry contest. Ian loves writing bio’s in the third person, drinks a lot of coffee, doesn’t sleep much and is currently supposed to be working on the sequel to his e-book on Jukepop.

Kevin P. Gilday is a writer and spoken word artist (amongst other things) living and working in Glasgow, Scotland. Kevin graduated with Honours from a BA in Media Studies before taking on an MA in TV Fiction Writing which he graduated from with Distinction. He is a writer for screen, stage and radio (and everything in between) as well as being one of the foremost spoken word artists to emerge from Scotland in the last few years. Kevin is the winner of the StAnza Digital Slam, the Creative Stirling Slam, the Four Cities Slam and a two time Scottish National Slam finalist. He is the presenter of Rhyming Optional, Subcity Radio’s dedicated Spoken Word show, and has performed all over the country including the Edinburgh Fringe, Lingo Festival (Dublin) and the Glastonbury Festival. His writing has appeared in publications and websites around the world while his theatre work has been seen in spaces such as The Tron Theatre, Oran Mor, The Arches and Tarragon Theatre (Toronto).

Russell Bennetts is the founder and editor of Berfrois magazine.

Podcast #1 B-sides

We are delighted to announce that the first Podcast will be online for your listening pleasure on Wednesday  25th November, less than a week from now. We are tremendously excited for you to hear it.

In the meantime you should check out these pieces which we enjoyed but aren’t appearing on the podcast.