Call for Submissions #4

The One Show

It’s Napowrimo time. Or ‘National Poetry Writing Month’ time if you’re not in a hurry.

What this means is all you poets out there have plenty of incentive for writing and recording spoken word pieces to send in for our fourth podcast. This doesn’t mean that all you prose writers out there can slack off. Oh no.

When we say ‘spoken word pieces’ we want anything that involves you speaking words; it’s only limited by what your mind can come up with and a time constraint: a maximum of five minutes in length. We’re interested in any style of writing, we want to show off the range of spoken word. These will be set to an ambient soundtrack, so we ask that the recordings are vocals only.

Recordings can be sent to lies.dreamingpodcast at gmail dot com by the 30th of April.

The theme for the podcast is THE ONE SHOW.

Please interpret this in any way you like. Surprise us.

All submissions will receive a response within 10 days of the deadline passing.