Lies, Dreaming #4 – The One Show

We are delighted to launch our fourth podcast on the theme of “The One Show”. You can stream it now via Soundcloud:

You can also subscribe to the podcast via iTunes. Android users should click here instead.

Here is a rundown of our contributors:

Ian Richardson has been reading books and comics for years  which prepared him to deal with what he perceives as the random depths of the One Show. He is extremely happy that several of his written pieces have been published recently but still suffers from stage fright when he goes to perform them. Ian still enjoys writing bios in the third person, has given up drinking coffee late at night and sleeps more than he used to. You can find him here @IanRich10562022

Emily Elver writes poems and stories. She is the co-founder and editor of Freak Circus magazine. She can be found on Twitter @emilyelver

Lisa Fields, 32 year old, Glasgow based ‘jack of all trades, master of none’! Has a background both in the field of counselling and previously in the field of acting. After years away from the acting profession – she decided to get the acting clogs on again for a bit of fun! Writing is something that allows her the freedom of self expression. Emotional depth is something that is important to her in her work as a counsellor and actor. This is her first written piece that she has ever submitted anywhere.

Dan Stathers’ debut poetry collection The Ink Cartridge Just Ran Out isn’t available any time soon. His poetry has been published in Yeah, Yeah, Whatever and most recently in But Am I Bothered. He’s a firm believer in the tropical fruit drink, Um Bongo, and a huge fan of Mike Priest.

Ali George is an Edinburgh based writer who mostly writes stories for children. You can find her work in Dactyl, Beyond the Horizon (from Bamboccioni Books) and all over the internet. She blogs at

Peter U. Murphy: A Glaswegian aspiring writer, recipient of SAAS payments with the hope of one day owning a dog. Currently working on a short story style podcast, he writes mainly for pleasure and his degree. As a survivor of redundancy, he enjoys taking part in drama with Strathclyde Uni’s Re-Act Theatre Group, with which he has; written, acted and presided over. Normally too tentative to submit work he hopes that this will change soon.

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