Napowrimo – Writing Prompts

April is Napowrimo month. Some poets will be drafting a new poem every day in April. It’s not an easy task, so we thought we’d offer up some writing prompts:

  1. The Facebook “Thumbs Up” Emoji
  2. Greg Rusedski
  3. No
  4. A poem that is in alphabetical order
  5. There is a baby on the train and it is staring at you
  6. An erasure of ‘Feel It’ by The Tamperer feat. Maya
  7. A poem that includes all the numbers between 1 and 10 in it
  8. Flat Earth poetry
  9. Walking somewhere rural at night (plaintive, whisky laden)
  10. Walking somewhere rural at night (the fear is consuming you)
  11. Pockets
  12. Please do not share this photo
  13. Sonnet Haiku
  14. A klaxon goes off every time you have an impure thought
  15. Monsters University, eh?
  16. Try to smuggle an acrostic past everybody
  17. Things no one told me about poetry
  18. A poem that is on fire
  19. I am made of glass, you are made of glass, everything is made of glass
  20. New year, nu metal
  21. Troll time
  22. A gritty reboot of you
  23. Everything used to be a pie
  24. The year 3000
  25. Schiehallion’s Tinder profile
  26. The taxidermied poet
  27. A poem without a beginning or end
  28. A letter to your MP
  29. First breath after coma
  30. What is a clown?

If you do write anything based on these, we’d love to hear it. Send your favourite ones to lies dot dreamingpodcast at gmail dot com by the end of May, and we’ll put a podcast out. We prefer poems to be under five minutes long and be vocals only.

We also have another submission window open until the end of April: One Sentence Only. 






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