Lies, Dreaming #11 – Treasure

We are delighted to launch our eleventh podcast, this one on the theme of “Treasure”. You can stream it now via Soundcloud:

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Here is a rundown of our contributors:

Hannah Reber (*1983) is a concept and multimedia artist based in Berlin. She studied physics and philosophy at the University of Kassel and Media Sciences at the University of Mannheim and the Film University HFF in Potsdam-Babelsberg. She describes her experimental work as fundamental research. Fractal geometry and quantum physics are recurring themes in her work.

Eilidh G Clark is a writer and poet living in central Scotland. She has previously published with The Ogilvie, Anti-Heroine Chic, and The Scottish Book Trust. Eilidh is currently on the final stages of her MLitt Creative Writing degree at The University of Stirling.

Angie Spoto is an American fiction writer and poet. Writers who inspire her include Angela Carter, Leonora Carrington, and Ursula Le Guin. Her most recent endeavours include a lyrical essay about her Italian family, a collection of horror surrealist fairy tales, and a fantasy novel about grief. Her poetry and short stories have appeared in numerous online and print anthologies, including Crooked HolsterSWAMP Magazine, and Toad Suck Review. She has lived in Austria, the Netherlands, and now lives in Scotland.

Mike Daviot is an Edinburgh born actor and playwright of 34 years professional experience. He has acted in a huge variety of roles north and south of the border, returning to Edinburgh 6 years ago after 20 years of living and working in England.  Favourite parts range from Robert the Bruce to Henry Higgins and from Scarecrow to Leontes. This piece is an extract from his 2016 Fringe hit, Nosferatu’s Shadow, about the life of Max Schreck. He is performing his new solo play – 1917, A Phantasmagoria – at Sweet Venues from the 3rd to the 27th of August.

David Ralph Lewis is a writer of short stories and poetry. He is currently in the process of uprooting his whole life, which is both incredibly stressful and fun in a weird way. His website is at, where he writes weekly blogs about art and politics.


Our next podcast theme is “Postcards from the Future”. Submission criteria can be found here.



Call for Submissions #12 – POSTCARDS FROM THE FUTURE

It is that time again. The time when we want your words. We want to put them in our ears.

When we say ‘words’ we want anything that involves you making noises; it’s only limited by what your mind can come up with and a time constraint: a maximum of five minutes in length (a limit, rather than a target). We’re interested in any style of writing, we want to show off the range of spoken word. We are happy to broadcast previously published works.

Whatever you send, the podcast will be set to an ambient soundtrack, so we ask that the recordings are vocals only.

Recordings can be sent to lies.dreamingpodcast at gmail dot com by the 31st of August. 

The theme for the podcast is Postcards from the Future.

We’re looking forward to your responses!


All submissions will receive a response within 10 days of the deadline passing. All pieces included in the podcast will receive a £5 payment.