Headset #1 – Stef Mohamed

We’re delighted to introduce the first of our new Headset format, twenty minutes of spoken word from Stef Mohamed. You can buy it from our Bandcamp page below, or get it by subscribing to our podcast via the links on the right.


When you google him these words appear on the right of the screen:

Stefan Mohamed is an author, poet and sometime journalist. He graduated from Kingston University in 2010 with a first class degree in creative writing and film studies, and later that year won the inaugural Sony Reader Award, a category of the Dylan Thomas Prize, for his novel Bitter Sixteen. He lives in Bristol, where he works as an editorial assistant, writing stories and performing poetry in his spare time.

His Twitter feed is also good, but this is all we know.



Introducing “Lies, Dreaming: Headsets”

We are delighted to introduce a new series of Lies, Dreaming – Headsets.

These will be released every other month, alternately with our regular theme-driven podcasts, and will feature one writer performing a solo pieces or pieces set to an ambient backdrop. They will be available via the Poetry as Fuck podcast and our new Bandcamp page. If you buy it from the latter 75% of the profits will go to the artist.

To kick things off, we’ve got Stefan Mohamed, who featured on our very first podcast about Tim Henman, performing a series of poetry and prose pieces. That will be released at the end of October. Following this in late December we have Calum Rodger with his sequence “Rock Star North”.

These are brilliant. We are SUPER ENTHUSED about them and what we’ve got planned for this project.

We have other writers lined up to follow, but if you have an idea for a Headset please let us know. Send a synopsis and a short bio to lies.dreamingpodcast at gmail dot com. These must be 10-30 minute spoken word pieces that we can set to an ambient backdrop. You should also be aware that it may be over a year before they are released.

Producing these first two podcasts has been an immensely satisfying collaboration, so thanks to all our listeners and supporters who allow us to keep providing this platform.