Headset #4- Colin Bramwell

We’re delighted to introduce the fourth of our new Headset format, thirty minutes of spoken word from Colin Bramwell. You can buy it from our Bandcamp page below, or get it by subscribing to our podcast via the links on the right.



Umbrella Man by Colin Bramwell

Bohori by Yang Mu, translated by Wenchi Li and Colin Bramwell, from Yang Mu, Hawk of the Mind: Collected Poems, edited by Michelle Yeh, and available from Columbia University Press in Spring 2018.

‘I Think It’s Gonna Rain Today’ by Randy Newman.

All other poems, texts and translations by Colin Bramwell. Piano and other music also by Colin Bramwell, sound design and mastering from Rob MacNeacail.

With special thanks to John Osborne and Eva Rodriguez Paredes.