Lies, Dreaming #18 – The Night Shift at McDonalds

We are delighted to announce the contributors for our eighteenth podcast, which has as its theme “The Night Shift at McDonalds”.

You can subscribe to the podcast using the links on the right.

Here is a rundown of our contributors:

Jenny Lester is an Edinburgh based writer and a frequent performer on the city’s scene. As an ex waitress, frozen yoghurt sculptor, and Christmas elf she has vast customer service enduring experience. She is currently organising Any Woman, Anywhere, an open mic for International Women’s Day at Summerhall on Thursday 7 March.

Tom Fergus Arnott works primarily with lo-fi and analogue productions methods, embracing comedy and a DIY sensibility. His main current interest is urban loneliness and alienation in the age of information technology. He works with spoken-word, sound art, print media and film. Here’s a link to his most recent video:

Jess Williams used to hide under the duvet when her Mum read her poetry. Now she is a writer and theatre director from Northumberland, inspired by the coastal countryside. Her love for storytelling has taken her through many genres, but poetry started her love for creative writing.

Rebecca Green is a performer and visual artist who lives in Edinburgh.  She writes, performs, paints, makes objects, and messes about with forms in between, showing work in galleries, theatres, comedy clubs and everyday spaces.


Our next theme will be ‘A Falling Piano’. Check out this blogpost for further details.


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